Kelliann DeCarlo

Winter Break: What to Watch

Kelliann DeCarlo
Winter Break: What to Watch

Winter breaks are so darling, aren’t they?

After semesters of exhaustive performance classes, memorizing lyrics, and enduring nightmares about whether my margins were correct on the twenty five-page paper I had just handed in on Victor Herbert, I would relish in the weeks spent doing nothing but scrolling, socializing, binge-watching, and sitting on the couch in the same pair of cozy sweatpants with dogs at my feet.

Whether you’re on winter break or just looking for something new to binge with your loved ones, these are the selections I’ve found worth the watch…

Atypical (netflix)

I love this show. It is a coming-of-age series based on the life of a teenage boy who is on the Autism spectrum. Heartfelt, eye-opening, and sometimes extremely funny, viewers watch eighteen year-old Sam navigate the regular challenges that come with adolescence and family dynamics. Outside of my experience fundraising for Autism Speaks through my sorority in college, the autism spectrum isn’t something I’m personally educated enough about. I learned plenty through Keir Gilchrist’s genius portrayal of Sam, and it even inspired me to do some online research of my own. This show is important and eye-opening, in so many ways.

The Crown (NETFLIX)

There are few things I geek out on, but a well-developed, historically accurate period-drama nears the top of the list, especially one about The British Royal Family. Clare Foy outdoes herself playing a young Queen Elizabeth II, and she is supported by an unbelievable cast. The interesting part of this series is that the progression of these character’s lives are reflected in the casting. As the characters age, they will be recast to more age-appropriate actors instead of relying on makeup or special effects.

The upcoming season introduces an entirely new cast of actors, and begins to explore the parts of history that are more familiar - the adolescence of Prince Charles and the introduction of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Scandal (netflix)

If you’re missing The West Wing something terrible, Shonda Rhimes has your back. Scandal is based on a real person who acted as a “fixer” for PR disasters and other catastrophes in Washington. Olivia Pope is a lion of a character, and her journey each season is thoughtful, and. every bit interesting as it is suspenseful. The writing in this show is just so good. Kerry Washington is perfectly cast as Pope and is supported by the best of the best. Grab some popcorn, a glass of red, and buckle your seatbelt.

Suits (amazon)

Once the most watched shows on television, Suits lives up to the hype. This American legal drama follows talented high school drop-out Mike Ross as he fabricates his way to the top of one of Manhattan’s most prestigious law firms. In the process, he finds a brotherhood with high-profile tycoon Harvey Spector (the very-difficult-on-the-eyes Gabriel Macht)

It also stars England’s newest addition into the ironically-named “Firm”, Meghan Markle, as the beautiful and diligent paralegal who happens to be Mike’s love interest. While watching this cast of characters, it’s hard to choose a favorite.

Let’s be honest though, Louis’ one-liners don’t get nearly enough credit…

homecoming (AMAZON)

The show based on a podcast and named after a facility that assists soldiers in transitioning to civilian life. It stars Julia Roberts, who plays a former caseworker who left years ago to lead her own civilian existence. I can’t wait to tune in for this one.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (AMAZON)

Better known as the show that sweeped the Emmy’s in 2018…

Created by the genius behind Gilmore Girls, this show is what everyone is talking about. It follows Midge Maisel as she leaves her seemingly perfect, cozy life on the Upper West Side to pursue stand-up comedy. It’s also set in the 1950’s - remember what I said about a well-developed, historically accurate period-piece?

Love on love,