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The Kelle Factor


"Travel often. Getting lost will help you find yourself." - The Tig.

 Source: Instagram @thekellefactor

Source: Instagram @thekellefactor

K's carry-on to london

Let's talk about packing. I, myself, am a habitual over-packer. Actually, the last time I visited Europe, I was nineteen and traveling to Ireland with my Mom and some family friends. On that adventure, I'm pretty positive no article of clothing, shoe, or toiletry was left behind in the states. My bag was 54lbs - never a smart choice when you're touring a country, but even less of a smart choice when your baggage ends up costing you.


In one trip, we went from those people who are sweaty, cranky, and exhausted by the end of each day who return home from their vacation needing another vacation, to the people who return from Disney refreshed and rejuvenated, sad that the magic is over for now.


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Our first real day sightseeing was spent at one of King Henry VII's finest palaces. I turned the corner and walked through the gates and gasped. The palace is so statuesque, you almost can't believe it's real. I found myself wondering what it must be like to work there as a part of the tourism effort - knowing you've arrived at work and parking your car somewhere near that..