Kelliann DeCarlo


Kelliann DeCarlo

No matter what, as a child, I was never allowed to nest in the feelings of self-pity.

When I didn’t get the lead in the musical at school, I wasn’t allowed to throw a fit. Instead, I was made to perform in the ensemble where I learned the value of community in putting a show together. As an actor, if you miss a line or a lyric, you aren’t allowed to stop and be embarrassed or burst into tears.

As cheesy as it sounds, the show really does go on.

Maybe it’s my stubborn Irish heritage, or my years of persistence working in the business, but whenever something (or everything) is going terribly wrong, there is a tiny tough-as-nails part of me that feels a responsibility, a knee-jerk reaction in the moment, to be optimistic and grateful about something.

While this year was no walk in the park, I’ve found that in the quieter moments of my days, I am more naturally grateful than I have ever been. I’m more likely to think about my steps forward, than planting my feet in the feelings of defeat about different frustrations. Somehow, gratitude has become second nature.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help but feel the same stubborn responsibility to look around and take in the little moments and things that make me feel lucky to have this life, even when I can barely afford a cup of coffee or am selling half of my closet on Poshmark to pay for my health insurance.

One of those little moments is this little corner of the internet. It brings me so much joy to write about the things I love and receive messages, some from people I don’t even know, about readng books I’ve recommended or trying out a bronzer I love.

You can’t imagine how happy you’ve all made me. Thank you for joining me for almost one year of this beautiful passion project that I am so proud of. I hope, in the quieter moments of your days, you can practice searching for gratitude and allowing yourself to indulge in the better moments. We are so lucky to have this life.

Love on love,