The Super Sponge

The Super Sponge

I’ve recently become aware of a makeup tool that is so genius I can’t believe someone else hasn’t thought of it sooner…

Introducing the Super Sponge.

In my opinion, it’s like the Beauty Blender - but, better.

I can always be found applying my tinted moisturizer or foundation with a sponge or my own hands (as my Mom would say, use what God gave ya…) I’ve found, personally, that using a brush can tug at my skin. Instead, using a sponge helps me to have the most control over application and blending.

That being said, using a sponge comes with its own challenges. When I spend my own money on a foundation or tinted moisturizer, I find it can feel frustrating to watch half of it sink into a dampened sponge.

The Super Sponge is coated in latex-free breathable silicone, which allows your products to remain on the surface, instead of sinking into the sponge.


  • You are limiting germs and bacteria

  • You are physically using less product, giving you more bang for your buck.

  • Your sponge lasts longer

Your skin reaps the benefits of a clean makeup application!

I witnessed this firsthand when I had to lessen the amount of moisturizer and foundation that I was applying onto the back of my hand because I didn’t need as much as I did before! For those moments when you’re a little heavy-handed with product and need to sheer out what you’ve applied, bounce the uncoated end on the face!

As an added bonus, it comes with a small scrub-pad for cleaning. I pre-ordered my sponge about two months ago, after seeing Tati Westbrook review it on her Youtube channel. After using it for a few weeks, I’m completely hooked.

TO USE: Dampen the sponge under water and squeeze it until it expands (forgive me, this will always sounds cheeky…) Be sure to squeeze out the excess water through the bottom. Bounce and blend away! Use the uncoated end of any touch ups, and you’re all set!

In addition to this company releasing an effective product, the mission behind this sponge is really special. It was developed by two entrepreneurs who recognized the necessity for makeup applicators that remained sanitary and didn’t waste product.



In an effort to bring awareness to the changing oceans of our world, the color of the sponge is a nod to coral reefs. This company hopes to give back at least 5% of their yearly profit to their Sponges for Sponges initiative - a charity this company is creating. Having an element of philanthropy is always an added benefit for a product that actually works.

This post isn’t sponsored. They don’t even know who I am, but I got into this blogging business to share what I love - and I love this.

Happy Blending!



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