And just like that, it’s August.

I always tend to involuntarily think of summer in three parts, resulting in August always seeming to be the third, and final, act of summer. For me, it boasts the small beginnings of audition season, as actors return from their summer contracts. It’s the last few weeks of freedom for most.

As we approach the beginning of the end (dramatic perhaps, but admittedly grinning at the idea of a cozy sweater and boyfriend jeans), here are some of my favorite things from the week.


  1. Use Your Voice to Stand Up for Your Community. How small actions can make a big difference when raising a generation who values sustainability and awareness, alongside some sustainable goodness for your perusal.

  2. Meet the Influencer Who Doesn’t Accept Free Beauty Products. A transparent trend that I hope will continue.

  3. When to Pay Attention to 2020 Forecasts. The Democratic Primary Debates began this week in an effort to narrow the (very congested) playing field. In our current media climate, where staying informed can seem an inordinate challenge, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of when to really tune in to the polls - and why.


  1. The Overnight Chemical Peel that I swear By For Glowing Skin. Formulated with botanically derived acids and hyaluronic acid, it’s the perfect combination of hydration and exfoliation. Even better… it works while you sleep.

  2. The Wedge Sneaker I Ordered for Fall. I love a good sneaker, and I always have better posture in heels. Win win.

  3. The Floating Shelves that I Ordered for my Bathroom. And they look fantastic.

The original conclusion to this post was light-hearted, well-crafted, and charming. It said something about grabbing brunch with former castmates and a week of auditions. It was written before our country experienced two acts of domestic terrorism in 72 hours.

I’m exhausted, I’m sad, I’m scared, I’m restless, and I’m so tired of waking up each day and not recognizing my own country. I’ve prayed for so many things today.

I pray that our leaders are granted the courage to see past their personal interests and do what is best for our country. I pray for comprehensive gun reform that honors our constitutional rights while protecting our citizens. I pray that people shift their perspective of prayer and begin to see action as a form of prayer.

See you next week.