Is there anything better than New York pizza?

French fries are my vice, but pizza is a close second. I asked myself this question while sitting in John’s Pizza in Midtown, surrounded by family I hadn’t seen in over fifteen years. My cousins from California spent a week in New York (on the hottest week of the summer) and we were lucky enough to connect!

The answer? New York Pizza with family in air conditioning.


Nothing new this week. Working on some content for my upcoming (surprise) trip to Disney! Can’t wait to share the magic with you.


  1. A Love Letter to New York City. One writer’s first anniversary of living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

  2. A Viral Social Medai Message We Need to Hear. An Aussie-based Psychology student hits the nail on the head.

  3. Golden Turmeric Milk Recipe. Everyone’s favorite mug of warm, spicy, anti-inflammatory goodness.


  1. The Perfect Tortoise-Shell Sunglasses. I am the keeper of the all black sunnies, and since I decided to color my hair (see Insta @thekellefactor), I’ve been on the hunt for a warmer option. Happy to report, I’ve found one - polished gold details, and all.

  2. The Tinted Moisturizer I’ve Used All Summer. I’m almost out of my first tube of this goodness and I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be using this into the fall. SPF is an all-year gig, after all.

  3. My Newest Nutritionist Girl Crush Wrote a Book. Kelly LeVeque is the nutritionist to so many of the greats (Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, the works). Her background in cancer research and genetics helps to set you up for success in the most practical way possible.

Wishing you a much cooler week - this heat has to break sometime, right? Stay hydrated!