It’s so nice to be home!

After the loveliest three weeks performing one of my all time favorite musicals, I returned home and spent the week getting things back on track - things being workouts, home cooked meals, unpacking, writing, and figuring out my next six weeks. It’s been so wonderful to return to my studio, snuggle with my dogs, and to have my favorite pizza in driving distance (priorities, right?)

While you’re reading this, I’ll be on my way to Maryland for my nephew’s christening! He’s smiling now and making noise nonstop and this newly converted baby person just can’t get enough.




  1. How To Be More Alkaline in 60 Seconds. According to Elle Macpherson’s nutritionist.

  2. How to Pick the Best National Park for You. Whenever I think of traveling, I instantly envision myself overseas. In my circle, oftentimes the gems on our own soil are overshadowed by the promise of European coasts and castles.

  3. The Interior Life of Sandra Oh. No one steals a scene like this woman (have you seen Princess Diaries? Genius comedy.) Her attention to detail in each and every project she conquers is so inspiring to me.

  4. Exactly How to Wear the Cutest Hair Scarves of Summer. For all lock-lengths.

  5. A Shiny New Bedroom. Having some serious design envy for this clean, bright, fresh decor. Currently drooling over everything from upholstered headboards to mirror side tables. I’ll take one of everything…


  1. The Prettiest Lavender Phone Case. for summer. Our beautiful Belle in the production I just finished had this case and I couldn’t stop staring at it because the shade of purple was so eye-catching. I was overjoyed to find that it was under $10!

  2. The Razors I Use to Dermaplane My Face. This week on stories, I shows how I shave my face - these are the razors I have used for the past year, and I swear by them!

  3. The Perfect Reusable Tote. Whether you’re grocery shopping or you just need something to toss your socks into after a Pure Barre class, this collaboration between Madewell x Outdoor Voices will give you the excuse you’ve been searching for to ditch that plastic bag.

Wishing you a wonderful week!