Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week.

I’ve utilized them to be the most intentional day of my entire week. I go to church, I sweat, I enjoy a Bloody Maria with some friends on an outdoor patio over brunch (jalapeño tequila, lemon pepper, and extra horseradish - I know that it sounds like the Satan’s morning coffee but you’ll thank me later). I utilize a healthy blend of different forms of self-care which set me up for a mindful week.

Then, I return home and plan my next six days. Sunday is one of the only days of the week that is fully on my terms so each Sunday eve, I sit down and plan my week. That hour of planning manifests itself all week long and I’m so grateful for this intentional practice, so much so that I wanted to create a blog series surrounding my favorite day of the week.

Featuring articles that caught my eye, items I’ll be adding to my wishlist, any blog posts from the week, and a special moment from my week.

What would you like to see? Leave a comment below, and let me know!

This week…

on The kelle factor…



Eye-Catching Content…

  1. Baz Luhrmann and Alex Timbers on Taking Moulin Rouge! From Screen to Stage. One of the most exciting shows to come to Broadway this year, the transition from screen to stage isn’t an easy one.

  2. Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion. The brands to watch, the meaning behind fast and sustainable fashion, and some favorite basics pieces to capsulize your wardrobe. When you know better, you do better.

  3. How to Make Frose. Summer is here, loves, and it’s easier than you think.

  4. Everything to Download Before Your Next Flight. From podcast recommendations to the airline app, this has everything to keep you plugged in en plane.

  5. Must Haves: Beautycounter. Arielle Charnas has been a blogger to watch - and I have been, for almost five years. Stumbling upon this article on SomethingNavy re: the clean beauty brand I can’t get enough of gave me a special kind of joy.

Weekly Wishlist…

  1. The Perfect Tote. (in every color imaginable), perfect for travel, and less than $20!

  2. The Perfect Distressed Antique Runner. I love a piece that has the ability to stand alone in a home, and hold its own.

  3. The Biker Short We All Need. They’re back, and they’re slimming.

Today, we close Beauty and the Beast, and I am so grateful for these last three weeks. This cast was filled to the brim with giving, thoughtful, kind humans and I am all the better for it. I hope to bring some of their contagious positivity and humanity back to Jersey with me.

Wishing you a wonderful week!