Summer Wellness Audit

Summer Wellness Audit

Hot, breezy afternoons. Dewy summer skin. Crisp Sauvignon Blanc in a stemless glass. A bright white panama hat. Brunch on an outdoor patio and the place on the corner. These are just some of the simple pleasures of my summer, here on the East Coast.

More recently, I’ve been adding some new developments into my wellness routine and, as always, I’m here to share them.

Hot Vinyasa. I’m not certain what took me so long to go with the flow (ha) on this wellness trend, but I am here to stay. The first time I entered the studio, it felt like I was greeted with a warm, encircling embrace and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the heat. What really kept me coming back was how centered I felt all day long because of that one hour sweating out out on the mat - I’m a believer.

Mimi Bouchard’s 21 Day Reset. If you’ve been following Mimi on social, you’ll know of her connective practices between mindfulness and physical health. When she released her practices in this online course, I jumped at the chance to learn all that I could about her intermittent fasting and intuitive eating practices. Let me know if you’d like me to share my results!

Hydroflask. When you prioritize hydration, everything improves from your skin to your mental clarity. Something that I have learned over my wellness journey is that the smallest tool which serves as a part of a habit can improve your routine. For me, this tool is my Hydroflask with a straw lid. As pedestrian as it sounds, something so small can make a really impactful difference in your routine.

What are you adding to your wellness routine this summer?