The Kelle Factor
The Kelle Factor


"Confidence breeds beauty."

- Estee Lauder

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A Beauty-full listen

I was getting into my car, carrying six bags filled with my life for the next four weeks. I was heading out to a contract in New Hampshire and I had opened the Podcast app for the first time. I was typing random words into the search bar, hoping to stumble upon something interesting that would get me through the next six hours…

K’s top shelf

After an unexpected three hours of deciding, swatching, separating into piles, and tossing away, I decided to take a long look at what I am using each day, absolutely loving at the moment, and would recommend to others - especially to you…

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Photo: Stephanie Cowan

Photo: Stephanie Cowan

winter skin edit

Skincare in the winter can be tricky. I live in New Jersey, where each year we’re never quite sure what stepping outside will bring. Lately, it’s been quite dry and very cold. Here is what my skin and I have been loving…