The Kelle Factor
The Kelle Factor


"Confidence breeds beauty."

- Estee Lauder

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K’s top shelf, at the moment

After an unexpected three hours of deciding, swatching, separating into piles, and tossing away, I decided to take a long look at what I am using each day, absolutely loving at the moment, and would recommend to others - especially to you…

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Skincare in the winter can be tricky. I live in New Jersey, where each year we’re never quite sure what stepping outside will bring. Lately, it’s been quite dry and very cold. Here is what my skin and I have been loving…

 Photo: Stephanie Cowan

Photo: Stephanie Cowan

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Beauty is such a favorite hobby of mine, which unfortunately means that I can enjoy looking at the pretty packaging as it sits unused on my vanity more than I actually enjoy using the product inside. I am also a culprit of holding onto my products for far too long past expiration…