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K's Top Shelf, At the Moment

Kelliann DeCarlo
K's Top Shelf, At the Moment

Three months ago, I decided to drastically downsize my makeup collection. I had accumulated bins of makeup over the past year, and it was time to bid some of it a fond farewell.

After an unexpected three hours of deciding, swatching, separating into piles, and tossing away, I decided to take a long look at what I am using each day, absolutely loving at the moment, and would recommend to others - especially to you.


K's Current Top Shelf Products:

maybelline fit me loose finishing powder

This extremely finely-milled powder has a light sheer of color and perfect for setting any foundation. I recommend this over a few of more popular luxury brands because you receive the same brightness and setting power for a much better price point. I especially love this for the under-eyes.


Blush can be a product that is easily overused, whether applied to unflattering parts of the face or over-applied. We always seem to forget that the point of blush is a natural flush to the cheek - attractive to the eye because it gives life and youth to the face. It is a step that should especially never be skipped on more mature skin.

This cult favorite, admittedly, flew back on my radar in the spring, after The Royal Wedding. It is reportedly a Meghan Markle go-to, and for good reason. I forgot how much I love this product, and how useful it is year-round.

Nars Blush in Orgasm is so beautiful, and so natural. It manages to look glowy without accentuating any texture you might be experiencing, and deposits just the right amount of color onto the cheeks. I cannot recommend it more highly, especially if you’re a less-is-more-gal like me. :)


The final step to my every-day routine is setting my brows in place. I never forget this step, even when I’m stepping outside with a bare face - eyebrows frame the face, no matter how much or how little makeup is applied to it.

I found there to be a lot of product on the spool brush, initially, so make sure you use a light hand. A little goes a long way, and it will keep your brows effortlessly in place (no flaking) all day! - Did I just rhyme?

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

Ah, the holy grail. This foundation applies flawlessly, lasts all day, and provides the most beautiful, flawless, natural coverage I have ever seen. It is an investment to be sure, but one that is well worth every cent.

Fenty gloss bomb universal lip luminizer

This lip gloss is nice. I hate that word, but it really is. The texture is so smooth, very moisturizing, and it’s really long-lasting on the lips. All three colors are gorgeous and universally flattering. I wear this everyday!

What are the items on your vanity that you swear by?

love on love,