Kelliann DeCarlo

Makeup Overhaul

Kelliann DeCarlo
Makeup Overhaul

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

- Marie Kondo

If you follow me on Instagram (@thekellefactor), you will probably remember a story-series I posted during which I sorted through my entire makeup collection, and discarded the products I no longer found useful.

I tend to get romantic about cosmetics.

Beauty is such a favorite hobby of mine, which unfortunately means that I can enjoy looking at the pretty packaging as it sits unused on my vanity more than I actually enjoy using the product inside. I am also a culprit of holding onto my products for far too long past expiration.

In an effort to remedy this bad habit, I have recently decided to take a step back, and only keep what the products I use regularly - and more importantly, the products that bring me joy. Every product that I decided to keep is excellent quality, a flattering shade, and less than six months old.

out with the old

The first step in overhauling your makeup collection is looking at what is more than 5-6 months old. Holding onto makeup or skincare that exceeds half a year’s time can be unsanitary. I’m especially strict about this when it comes to my liquid products and my mascaras..

quality over quantity

You don’t need five different versions of the exact same shade of lipstick. If it doesn’t perform on your face beautifully every single time you use it, toss it - regardless of its monetary worth. I set the boundary to only keep two similar shades of a product. It wasn’t easy, but I’m no longer overwhelmed when looking for an eyeliner!


More than anything, I felt so guilty about how much excess I was holding onto. Embarassingly enough, some of the products I was holding onto I have never used. If you have anything that still has the original packaging on it, and it is less than six months old (guilty), donate it. There are so many charitable efforts looking for cosmetics for those in need of them. You’d be amazed at what a small step in self-care can do for someone in dire straits.

I really recommend doing this every few months. You would be amazed at the effect this will have on your mental clarity, in other areas of your life.

love on love,