Kelliann DeCarlo

60 Days of Halo Beauty

Kelliann DeCarlo
60 Days of Halo Beauty

Hello, loves! I am officially sixty days into my Halo journey, after consistently taking the hair, skin, and nails booster for two whole months, and I wanted to share with you what I’ve experienced thus far, in case Halo Beauty was something you were interested in trying.

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As far as my skin is concerned, I haven’t noticed a huge change in the last thirty days. However, my skin is naturally very good (thank you, Mom and Dad). I am happy to report real consistency. My skin is bright and smooth everyday, and while my Keratosis Pilaris hasn’t faded further since my last check-in, I’m really happy with the way it looks.

mom always says, the first place a woman’s age shows is in her hands.

My nails are stronger and growing by leaps and bounds - seriously, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I love how strong they are and how beautiful they look. Because of how amazing they look, I’ve become more inspired to give them more attention. I’ve even started carrying hand lotion in my purse. Naturally, Mom is thrilled.

My hairs natural fullness is not particularly thick - I just happen to have a lot of it. A struggle I have previously experienced when I try to grow it out, the ends will thin. The result is a scraggly mess, unless styled. In early August, I made the drastic choice to chop my hair into a long bob. I loved it.

I couldn’t get over how healthy and thick my hair felt, now that all of the dead ends were gone.

Thanks to Halo Beauty, my hair is growing rapidly while maintaining its thickness. I am so thrilled with how it progressing, especially since I’ve decided to see just how long I can grow it without losing its new fullness. I’m excited for this

Have you tried Halo Beauty?

Love on love,