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Nails in the Nude

Kelliann DeCarloComment
Nails in the Nude

It’s incredible how many shades of nude you can find in a manicure. I, admittedly, only know because I have probably worn all of them.

(Screenshot this list to carry with you on your next salon visit!)

Here are my favorites when you want to keep things polished and neutral…

Ballet Slippers by essie

The perfect soft, feminine, cool-toned sheer pink, and Royal Family-approved.

OPI Gel Funny Bunny

The beautiful, slightly sheer, soft white gel color. This is my favorite polish for the summer months.

Essie Couture Sheer SILHOUETTE

A long-wear sheer pink with neutral undertones. It’s beautiful and, in my opinion, you only need one coat.

Sundays Studio No. 6

A nude with cool-toned lilac undertones and a hint of grey. 10-free, nontoxic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Essie Couture Take Me To Thread

A true taupe with cool undertones. This is beautiful for the fall and winter months when you want to deepen your nude tone.

Honorable Mentions: OPI Gel in Bubble Bath, and Sundays Studio No. 2.

Are there any that I’m missing? Let me know!