Kelliann DeCarlo

March Moments

Kelliann DeCarlo
March Moments

My sincerest apologies for the non-planned hiatus, March really took me for a ride. It was full to the brim with amazing moments, the best, of which, I’m here to share with you today!

This month was full speed ahead, balancing my Pure Barre teaching schedule, auditions, appointments, callbacks, having some semblance of a social life, and performance week for my high school students whom I choreograph for. Truthfully, I wasn’t feeling inspired to write. I was just trying to be everywhere on time, and prepared.


Baby Shower. My best friend is expecting a bundle of baby boy love in just a few weeks, so it was a pleasure to celebrate his arrival alongside her nearest and dearest. I’m so proud of her stamina and her transparency throughout these last eight months. There is something really spectacular about watching your best friend grow a person, and watching her transform into this beautiful mommy-to-be, all while being completely authentically herself. This day was so wonderful because it was full of support, good food (with her family from New Orleans, who expects anything less?), and endless love.

Music and the Mind. I attended a lecture at Rutgers University which explored her passion about the arts and the effect is has on society as whole, neurologically. It was amazing and lit a fire in me to learn more.

The Music Man. Each year, I have the pleasure of choreographing for my old high school under the direction of someone who has transformed from my teacher to my director to my colleague. This show was an extraordinary experience for many reasons, but most of all because at seven years old, this show was my first musical, musically directed by my Dad. As a high school freshman, this show became my first musical, and my first introduction to the arts community in my district. In addition, as a new teacher in the district, this show (with little freshman me) was his debut as the new drama director. There were endless “full-circle-moments” and challenges, but in the end the product was beautiful, leaving everyone incredibly proud.

A Provincial Town. I’ve accepted an offer to potentially spend six weeks in a certain provincial town… more information to come, once contracts are signed. Needless to say, I am ecstatic - true as it can be.

Happy to back, I’ve missed you.