Love at First Tuck

Love at First Tuck

Give me 50 minutes, a barre, and a strong beat. I swear it will change the way you think about a workout.


I stumbled upon Pure Barre while I was preparing for the pageant stage. It wasn't a glamorous meet-cute, it was a google search. I simply typed barre class near me into the search bar, selected the first hit, and signed up for the 8:15am class the next morning, with no idea what to expect.

I don't say this lightly. I was a mess

In between adjusting to the small, isometric movements and trying to focus on my breath, my range of motion was all over the place. I think back to my studio owner (now boss and good friend) and how she was so gentle and helpful during that first class.

I left that class glowing from the inside out and obsessed with mastering the technique - that was almost three years ago.

Today, I'm a certified instructor.

I've brought my friends to class, made friends in class, and made friends at teacher training that I still keep in touch with. I actually have to laugh when I realize what a huge part of my life that little studio has become. If you had told me years ago that at twenty seven, I would be a certified fitness instructor I would be doubled over in laughter.

Source: Instagram @pure_barre

Source: Instagram @pure_barre


At least half of the reason I am able to continue my practice at the barre somewhere between 4-6 times a week is because of the people next to me.

It's such a beautiful thing to see everyday; Women cheering each other on, laughing at themselves and each other when everyone's legs are shaking during thigh, walking next door to grab coffee together before going our separate ways for the day. Clients have even come to support me in shows I've performed in!


The other reason I am able to continue my practice each day is because of the sense of control I feel that I have gained over my own body. Pure Barre is so incredible because you control the resistance of your class.

As your mind-body connection improves, your level of resistance increases as you get stronger.


  • An outfit you feel comfortable breaking a sweat in (pants or capris, no shorts)

  • Socks (I recommend grip socks which you can purchase in-studio - they help your traction during plank.)

  • Water and a towel if needed

  • Patience and a positive attitude - as cheesy as that sounds


  • BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. I truly say this to every new client in their first class. It can be so overwhelming when someone is not used to zero-ing in on their smaller muscle groups repetitively. Breathe, give yourself a break, and remember that it takes 7-9 classes to really begin to find that connection. You will get there.

  • FIND YOUR BREATH. Your breath is what centers you, and it will always get you through to the end of that 10 count.

  • DON'T BE AFRAID TO MODIFY. Modifications are smart. Sometimes, I even modify my position to ensure I'm working the right muscles. If you're just beginning, I always recommend clients modify if they don't have the strength to make it through the entire sequence without stopping. It's so important to build the strength from an honest place, rather than forcing yourself into a position where you could injure yourself.

  • GRIP SOCKS ARE KEY. Whether you buy them in studio or find them at TJMaxx, they'll help you stick your plank in class.

  • EAT / HYDRATE BEFORE CLASS. Make sure you eat something and drink water, but try to keep it light - here's no worse feeling them doing abdominal work on a full stomach.

  • NEVER COMPROMISE FORM. The barre is there for balance and support only - It's not a crutch. If that means your pulse isn't as deep in class, that's okay. Again, always choose to build up the strength in the right position. Ensuring perfect form also prevents injury. If that means modifying, modify.

  • ALWAYS LET YOUR INSTRUCTOR KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY INJURIES OR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. One of the best parts of Pure Barre is that instructors will come around and correct your form or assist you in challenging yourself. It's an incredibly personal experience, but they can only do that effectively if they have all the information. Always make sure you're clear and up front about any health issues you might have.

"You gain an amazing amount of self-confidence that you only get by attempting something new." - Katia Pryce.

Love on love,