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K's Haircare Hacks

Kelliann DeCarloComment
K's Haircare Hacks

Where my hair is concerned, I enjoy referring to my process as high maintenance to be low maintenance.

Meaning: I do the work and pay the money to keep it healthy and full of body, so that I don’t have to do a lot to it each day. They say to find the joy in your routine, and mine comes from applying a great highlight, instead of creating a fishtail braid.

my three favorite haircare hacks that go a long way…

Swap your towel for a t-shirt.

I learned this trick five years ago from a pageant-friend and it really stuck with me. Drying your hair with a towel can actually create frizz. Using an old, soft t-shirt is gentler on the hair and helps to maintain a softer feel. It also helps your hair to dry faster.

when applying Dry Shampoo, use your hands.

Over the past year, I’ve really cut down on the amount of dry shampoo I’ve been using and I’ve noticed a measurable difference in how much hair I am shedding in the shower. In an effort to soak up the excess oil in your scalp, dry shampoo can actually clog your pores, stunting the growth of the follicle itself. If you have thinner hair, I’d recommend you use dry shampoo sparingly, and if you’re going to: use your fingers.

I apply dry shampoo to the tips of my fingers first, and then massage it into the parts of my scalp that could use a bit more TLC. This technique helps to cut down on the amount of product that you’re spraying onto your scalp, which then allows your can of dry shampoo to last longer.

Let your shampoo sit.

When I step into the shower, the first thing I do is wet my hair and grab my shampoo. I massage it into the roots of my hair only (helping to maintain moisture in the ends of your follicles) and then I let it sit for a few minutes while I do everything else I need to do. This helps the shampoo to really do its job and release any buildup that a quick wash-and-rinse wouldn’t necessarily grab.

Love on love,