The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur

Efficiency is my love language.

Whether it’s a fellow entrepreneur or your friend killing it at her 9 to 5, gifting someone a tool to take their business to the next level never gets old.

My Favorites Gifts For the go-getter in your life…

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  1. Air Pods. These buds of convenience are an investment that is worth every penny. There’s something so user-friendly to popping them into your ears walking out of the studio or onto the subway platform.

  2. Start Today Journal. This notebook packs a punch in the way of gratitude listing and goal setting. This is for your friend with their sights set high, who is looking for a way to keep her goals at the forefront every day. It’s changed my mornings and I can’t recommend it enough.

  3. iPhone Tripod. For the content creator, this item is one of my more simple yet useful purchases from Amazon. It’s helpful for everything from IGTV content to self-tapes for castings. It’s extremely easy to use and will take your video content to another level.

  4. High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. For your self-development book junkie, this is a classic. Brendon’s writing is human and not the least bit cheesy. I’ve really enjoyed reading it this past year and it’s helped me adopt small habits that, implemented each day, make a really big difference in my productivity.

  5. Sony a5100. For the photographer in your life, this camera is one that so many of my friends swear by. It will take your photos to the next level and it also looks plenty cute in the moment.

  6. Pineapple Dish. For the gal on the go, I have one of these by my front door and it makes all of the difference. Simply the act of having a small vessel to hold the little things is invaluable to keep things in one place, making it easy to grab on the way back out again.

  7. Motivational Mug. I like the things that I use each day to mean something special - right down to my morning coffee. Maybe your friend has a favorite self development guru or quote that helps to pick them up when they’re feeling less-than. Choosing something personal to them is a really sweet gesture.

  8. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. For the friend of yours that needs or is looking for the tool that will light a fire underneath them. This book explores the importance of cultivating braver, more transparent leader, beginning with us.

Happy Holidays, xo