Five Things I Never Forget On a Contract

Five Things I Never Forget On a Contract

A large part of being an actor is travel - whether that’s on a national tour, a cruise ship, or a regional contract.

For me, ritual is key.

Here are the things I bring with me on every contract to help me to do my best work while in a new environment.

Ankle Weights and a Yoga Mat. As mentioned in my Spring Wellness Audit, I’ve found that when I move my body 5-6 days each week I am better in all ways. These two items help me do that no matter where I am.

Natural Calm. Sleep can be challenging for some when in a new environment. A common misconception about Magnesium is that it can make you drowsy. In actuality, magnesium works to relax the body, not make it sleepy. This unflavored powder only requires hot water (I love combining it with my favorite tea).

Essential Oil Diffuser. When in a new environment, setting it to feel the most like him helps me to do my best work. Home as always needed to be a place of serenity and calm. I love to have oils diffusing surrounded by neutral colors and lots of natural light, but depending on the contract you don’t always know which of those elements you’re going to have. I also love keeping a diffuser in my dressing room or at my station.

Start Today Journal. Part of my morning routine is writing down five things I’m grateful for, ten dreams on my heart, and one goal each day to take me one step closer to one of those ten dreams.

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