5 Things I Want to Do Before 30

5 Things I Want to Do Before 30


My twenties have been full of exhaustive highs and lows, intense learning curves, dream jobs, less-than-dreamy side hustles, pageant stages, European travels, a few elections, a lot of plane rides, great sex, terrible sex that I thought was great sex, endless hours logged at the gym, loss, love, and plenty of glasses of wine.

In a year a half, I will leave my twenties behind. Gasp.

Before then, I would love to…

Start a Savings Account. When I was in my early twenties, I spent every dollar that I made heedlessly which resulted in a more-than-decent amount of credit card debt that I am still paying off, over five years later. Now that I am past the halfway point of paying that debt completely off, I would like to begin saving.

Return to London. I was fortunate enough to have visited the UK during August of last year, and I have been unable to get that beautiful country out of my mind since. There is so much more of that country that I need to see.

A Spa Girls Trip. It has been quite the stretch of time since I entered the glorious doors of a spa. What could possibly make those hours being primped and plumped better? Sipping on classes of chilled rose with your best friends. Whether it’s a charming city like Charleston or breezy Hilton Head, it’s happening.

Pay My Mom Back. Returning to my Kardashian-esque spending years for a moment, my Mom really helped me out financially during that time. I had no idea how to manage money, and she managed to assist me for bigger expenses while being patient with me while I struggled to figure it out. Eventually, I would love to return all of that money to her. Mom’s deserve it all and then some, after all.

Build a Consistent Yoga Practice. Over the last year, I have really learned about the types of workouts that provide success for my body and my mind. I really love a class setting like Pure Barre, but I also love a pilates flow and the mind-body connection that I feel through those workouts. I’ve always been organically interested in yoga and especially intrigued by hot yoga. Intrigued but equally intimidated by the positions as they’re mostly unrelated to ballet - something a bit more in my wheelhouse. I’m looking forward to becoming uncomfortable as I begin my yoga journey - stay tuned!

I think it would be easy to let this upcoming milestone make me feel uneasy, but the truth is it took me thirty years to become the woman I am as I sit here typing to you.

And I am damn proud of her.

Here’s to the next thirty…