The Cut on Tuesdays. As a regular reader of The Cut, I enjoy their weekly wide range of material. From challenging think-pieces on current events in our political process to fancy boots that are under $30, I always find some reason to engage. Their podcast is one I wait for each week. Their episodes are relevant in the most revolutionary way, and veer from lighthearted subjects like the acclaimed Neapolitan Novels to fighting online abuse. There is a charming interview with Elizabeth Warren, a thought-provoking interview with Yasmeen Hassan of Equality Now, and many others that will keep you listening!

Oprah’s Masterclass. No one does it quite like Oprah. This podcast is filled with individual interviews ranging from 30-35 minutes each of countless figures in the media. Unlike her Super Soul podcast (another must-listen), Oprah’s voice is nowhere to be found aside from introducing each subject. Listening to Jane Fonda speak on her passion for activism or Vanessa Williams speak on her time in the spotlight or Ellen Degeneres talk about loss and trauma gives a humanity to so many people we place on high pedestals, allowing us to learn from them and relate to them.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. Dax’s modest self-deprecating humor mixed with his charming co-host Monica is a home run for my ears. I love listening to Armchair Expert on a long drive, because his episodes tend to run around 90 minute - two hour mark. His guests feature the likes of Hasan Minaj to Elizabeth Gilbert to Sophia Bush to Norah Jones to Gwyneth Paltrow to Gillian Flynn to Amy Schumer. I can confidently say, you’ll never be bored. Dax’s thoughtful interview instincts drive the show and it’s a really powerful listen.

The Big Move Podcast. Newer to my library, Em from the Lipstick Fever (@thelipstickfever) is a natural on the mic. Her female subjects range from travel bloggers to trained dancers to beauty and wellness brand founders. I love this podcast and I look forward to it each week. She asks such specific questions (so valuable, as a listener) and I find it to be a great resource for women while simultaneously celebrating the steadfastness required of someone to pack their things and travel to a new place without the guarantee of it working out.