The Disney Springs Brunch Guide

The Disney Springs Brunch Guide

Growing up vacationing with my family brings only one destination to mind: Walt Disney World.

Since the age-old Downtown Disney days, my family has spent our first moments touched down in Orlando strolling through Disney Springs. There is something lovely about a first day of leisure before the real magic begins. Since those days of “doing the parks” from dawn to dusk (a post for another day), we’ve since lessened our load and have begun integrating the comforts of home into our stays on property (yet another post for another day).

Like any Millennial, I am fond of Brunch and I know exactly how I like it.

Post rolling out of bed on a Sunday morning, I enjoy slipping into some boyfriend shorts and a neutral knit, scrunching my toes into my sandals, and heading to nosh on Eggs Benedict alongside a Bloody Mary (extra spicy rim, lemon pepper seasoning, extra horseradish, and garnished with a slice of prosciutto, a cube of swiss, and an artichoke heart - just trust me on this one, you can thank me later).

On my most recent trip to Disney, the girls and I decided that a Sunday brunch was in order. It’s no secret that Disney Springs has it all - from Zara to a Cupcake ATM, from water taxis to food trucks - but a brunch in Disney comes with a sidecar of high expectations.

Here are my top five spots for Brunch in Disney Springs…

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. Art Smith is Disney’s first graduate of the Disney College Program to have his own restaurant on Disney Property. Despite the home cooking feel, the interiors are charming and feel more upscale, while balanced with industrial touches. They feature moonshine on tap and a delicious farm-to-table menu, which changes with the seasons.

K’s Favorites are the Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Egg and Avocado Toast, and the Southern Mary.

Paddlefish. Though a smaller menu, which even features a few options for the guest who’s palate is better served on land, this brunch is situated on top of anarchetypal paddleboat. Their menu features some of the best seafood on property. Modern interiors with classic accents with extra natural light from the windows of the boat ensure a crisp, bright ambiance for brunch!

K’s Favorites are the lobster guacamole (made at table) and the Crab Asparagus Benedict.

Wine Bar George’s Wine Country Brunch. This rustic Italian paradise features a savory menu of casual yet sophisticated dishes. They serve a mean charcuterie board, and are the perfect venue for (frozen) sips and bites. Brunch or otherwise, Wine Bar George should be a stop on your trip regardless of the meal.

K’s Favorites are the Steak and Egg Frites, the Grilled Romaine Salad, and the Botanical Spritz.

Raglan Road. Everyone’s favorite Irish Pub at Disney Springs offers a full menu of “Brunchy Stuff” that will make your mouth water. Raglan Road is always my recommendation if you have a party of different palates that will all want different things. This menu has sweet, savory, heavy, light, and all delicious for everyone to enjoy alongside the live music!

K’s Favorites are The Le Toast Taste, Go(at) Fig(ure), and the Bailey’s Shake.

House of Blues Gospel Brunch. Everyone’s favorite… a brunch buffet! Even better? Gospel music from local talent performing both traditional and contemporary repertoire. I love recommending this brunch for larger parties with children because it’s just so much fun!

As Disney does with all other things, they manage it seamlessly. No matter your palate preference - there really is something for everyone.

Did I miss anything? Comment your favorite Disney Brunch recommendations below!