Kelliann DeCarlo

A Year in Review

Kelliann DeCarlo
A Year in Review

We say it every year, don’t we? Where did this year go?

This year was a journey in every sense of the word. I used to measure my years and successes through accomplishments or specific career milestones, but this year taught me to measure my successes through shifts in mindset.

During a particularly tough moment, my dear friend, life-guru, superwoman and all around light to those around her Ellie, told me her favorite story of an actor we both idolize - the lesser-known, up and coming Meryl Streep.

It was one of Meryl’s (first name-basis, of course) opening nights on the Great White Way - maybe her first? She was struggling to get out of her own way mentally, trying to stay in character and be a “serious actor”. There were critics in the audience, critics she wanted the approval of early in her career.

In her first scene, she tripped and dropped the cup she was holding. To her surprise, instead of only retreating further into her own head she laughed and said softly to herself “Oh, thank goodness. I’m still human.”

This year, I have laughed and cried the hardest, yet I am a different kind of happy. The kind of happy that comes without euphoria, or the naivety that nothing else will ever go wrong. The kind that is comforted by the sometimes exhaustive struggles of constantly growing. The kind that chooses gratitude over despair and is no longer afraid of making mistakes.

May this year bring you endless growth. May you live beyond your expectations and challenge yourself to be more, to do more, and to want more. You deserve it, after all.

Cheers to a joyful 2019!

Love on love,