Kelliann DeCarlo

Avocado Egg Salad

Kelliann DeCarlo
Avocado Egg Salad

One of my goals for the New Year is to eat out less, and prepare my own food more.

In making that effort, I’ve been learning the art of preparing food in larger batches for the week - the professionals call this meal prepping. Anyway, this version of egg salad is full of healthy fats and only takes about twenty minutes to prepare…

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Avocado Egg Salad

6 Hard Boiled Eggs

Mustard (preference)


1-2 Avocados


Hard boil six eggs and let cool.

Once cooled, separate yolks and whites into two different bowls. Then use a fork to smash down yolks and add mayonnaise and mustard to taste. Chop the egg whites into smaller pieces.

Mash avocado and place in the bowl with the chopped egg whites. Mix together. Then, add in the yolks and, if necessary, more mayonnaise or mustard to taste.

To finish, top off with Paprika and serve or store in the refrigerator!

TKF TIP: Cover the top of the container with Saran Wrap and press it into the top of the salad. This helps to keep the avocados from browning in between eats!

Love on love,