Kelliann DeCarlo

Autumn Wellness Audit

Kelliann DeCarlo
Autumn Wellness Audit

I’ve been feeling rather good, recently. So, I thought I’d pull up a chair, let Bella curl up at my feet, and talk to you about it.

In the interest of building healthy habits that will allow me to sail into 2019 from a stronger place, here is what I have been actively making part of my routine:


I began the Ketogenic Lifestyle (I abhor the word diet) on September 16, so I have been actively in ketosis for eight weeks (except for my birthday when I had a slice of pizza).

I decided to investigate the Ketogenic Diet when I learned of its benefits for those with Diabetes. My Mom suffers from the beginnings of the disease and, in an effort to support each other, has been on all eight weeks of this journey with me. She has experienced better sugar management (including a dramatic decrease of her medication) and the perk of weight loss, as well (about 10lbs).

I really enjoy this lifestyle because it has completely dissolved any digestive issues I was experiencing. I haven’t had stomach cramps or discomfort in eight weeks, and I’m really enjoying what I’m eating. I have also experienced better focus and increased mental endurance, as well as the perk of some weight loss.

If you’re thinking of trying out the Keto Lifestyle, be sure to always consult your physician before making a lifestyle change. I also recommend you do some hefty research. There are a few elements to this that are non-negotiable for overall health.

Obe Fitness

In an effort to provide more variety in my exercise routine, I decided to subscribe to the newest and brightest (literally) online streaming platform called OBE Fitness.

OBE, our body electric, is a live-streaming online fitness platform that allows you to take unlimited classes in real time for less than $30/month. The trainers are some pretty serious up and coming names in the fitness industry. One studio class from most of them could set you back $35 or more.

There is also a library of repeat classes to choose from. I love the repeat classes in case my schedule doesn’t align with who I want to take from. The trainers teach everything from restorative yoga to high-impact to dance cardio. Meghan Roup is my favorite trainer, right now.

Halo Beauty

I’ve spoken more on this here and here but, in case you’ve missed it, Halo Beauty is Tati Westbrook’s Beauty Booster for hair skin and nails. I take the original formula and have been for over two months - I love my results!


This has been such a life-changing part of my wellness routine and, as crunchy-hippy-dippy as it sounds, is something that I believe should be a part of everyone’s life. I found it so daunting, at first, but now I’m drawn to the stillness that those precious ten minutes allow me. I am mentally sharper, more compassionate, and more in control afterwards, every time. I use the Headspace App and I cannot recommend it enough.


Part of the Ketogenic lifestyle is staying hydrated. It’s so important for healthy organ function if you’re following this lifestyle (and also always). I think I’ve been

Gut Healing Tonic

The world’s easiest recipe, per my dear friend Kendall, found here.

A wellness journey is, and should be, never ending. In the age of information, I believe that ignorance is a choice.

You should be endlessly curious about how to best fuel your body and protect it from disease. We only get one life in this world, and I firmly believe it is a fundamental value (life or death, literally) that we must all hold to the highest standard.

Love on love,