The Kelle Factor
The Kelle Factor


please, call me kelle.

I am a New York-based actor with a fondness for design + writing, who decided one year ago to put her ideas to fruition + create an outlet to simply share. I love to share, whether it's the smoothie recipe that I can't stop craving or where I found the pair of skinny jeans I'm current living in, I strongly believe that there is beauty to be found in sharing your loves with another person, no matter how small.

The Kelle Factor is a hub for the person with taste - those with a desire to create more, to learn more, + to be more. At The Kelle Factor, we believe that no one is ever finished learning. I wanted to create a space to share these ideas, to invite others to share theirs as well, + to be the central spot for finding your inspired lifestyle - whatever that means to you. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful adventure.

This is The Kelle Factor, and this is your stop.