my name is Kelliann, but I hope you’ll call me


I am a New York-based actor, singer, and dancer whose cherished passions for writing and design manifested itself, purely by accident, into this little corner of the internet. I have always been drawn to the avid types, the ones who believe they are never finished growing and learning. There is beauty in connection and community, and that is what I hope to create here.

The Kelle Factor is a hub for the urbane palate.

Be it a recipe or travel guide, a mascara recommendation or a think-piece that inspires you to take action, my hope for The Kelle Factor is for it to be the central spot for creating an inspired lifestyle - whatever that means for you.

Thank you for joining me on this beautiful adventure. I hope you’re here to stay. xo

This is The Kelle Factor, and this is your stop.